Benny Hester – Underground River Lyrics

Violent flow, tidal wave
Surging, boiling, current growing stronger
Stirring of the water
The trickle that started now runs mighty
To an unknown destination
Silent, deep, heaving shake
Sudden turning, rocking, and moving
Shocking quake
A tremble in the earth
That many hearts have heard
The truth brings with it wonder
So close it sounds like hunger

Underground river
Flowing through your city
Taking lives, breaking lives, sweeping lives

Into an underground river
And the rain is pouring
The level is rising
And the white washed walls
Scream as they fall
Nothing stops the river
No, nothing stops the river

The day you were born
Empty religion from schools of the learned
Left you bleeding
Glory hungry men, gave no answers
Yeah, they were the problem
So many had to pay
It’s enough to drive you away
But there’s an


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