Beta Radio – Year Of Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Is this some strangers thought I have?
Or an implant, in my brain?
I don’t recognize it, but I’m glad
Cause its what’s waking me up from a dream
Before I found out where to look
Before I found out what I was

[Chorus 1]
I thought that any other way
Was desolation for my soul
I prayed for so much shelter from the coming storm
They said:
“Your transgressions will make The Lord send you away”

[Verse 2]
A thread came loose from a seam
And love came near and intervened
And then I felt that old familiar feeling
You remember, the one whеn the universe walkеd through you

[Chorus 2]
You let it take the time it took
What a year of love and pain it's been
And we’re still writing out the book
About how we get born again

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