Biff Rose – American Waltz Lyrics

It's a Santa Claus world, if you will
Of ice cream and candy bars; eat your fill
And marshmallow fatness that's bound to kill
But we love it that way…
Yes, we love it that way… everyday
And we hope that the fat times are here to stay
Fa-la-la-la, La-fa-la-la-la…
It's a Santa Claus world where everyone dines
On gluttonous steaks and champagnes and wine;
And all virgin waitresses high in the sky on United Airlines!
Industrial Pancake and Neon Blot-
Mechanical Humans- Thanks a lot!
Fa-la-la-la, La-fa-la-la-la!
In a Santa Claus world the decorations appear

For Christmas in April; The Savior is here!
With mass produced love, and peace everywhere
Ten dollars a pair!
It's the spirit of giving through selling and buying
It's the spirit of dying…
Fa-la-la-la, La-fa-la-la-LA!
It's a Santa Claus world so let's go for a ride
In cars shaped like bullets with people inside
On concrete that covers our WHOLE countryside
…But we LOVE it that way!
For we all love to dance our American Waltz!
It's our dream come false…
Fa-la-la-La! La-fa-la-la-la!
La-fa-la-la Fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la-la


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