Big Baby Scumbag – Hammer Time Lyrics

808 Mafia

Chase a check, I don’t chase a bitch, I don’t waste the time
Check the fit, bitches on my dick, told her, “Fall in line”
How the f**k niggas talkin’ down? I ain’t in the prime
In the club, I ain’t throwin’ dubs, bitch I’m throwin’ dimes
Bad bitch, look like Ricki Lake, damn I think she fine
Prada shades and they on my eye, f**k a 9 to 5
I look good, look me in my eye, I look like a don
Woke bitch, ask me what’s my sign, I said, “Dollar sign”
Bodybag, I be killlin’ shit, like it’s Columbine
4th quarter, bitch, I’m ballin’ hard, you ain’t on my time
Young nigga, know I’m finna shine, I ain’t hard to find
At the top, I be lookin’ down, I be on the grind
Broke hoes, man, they make me sick, I don’t like their kind
I’m in love, they say life a bitch, I’ma make her mine
Tell the truth, you ain’t gettin’ money, bitch, I know you lyin’
Bulletproof, bitch, I’m Superman, I think I can fly
In the game all these niggas fake, all these niggas pie
Talk to God, told him strike me down if I tell a lie
Thank the Lord every day I wake, know he by my side
Free my brother, love him like no other, f**k the other side
When I die, bury me a legend, way before my time
Bitch, I’m hot, lit up like the Sun, look up in the sky
Been to Hell, dipped in gasoline, I done walked through fire
Bitch, I’m back like I’m from the dead, but I’m still alive
Blowin’ up, yeah, it’s ’bout that time, I ain’t even signed
Takin’ trips, yeah I’m overseas, I ain’t even drive
Check my feet, all my bitches fleek, all my bitches fly
Who it be? Nigga, get like me, I’m that type of guy
I’m that nigga settin’ all these waves that you tryna ride
I’m that nigga settin’ all these trends, I don’t even try
I’m that nigga your bitch wanna f**k, and she can’t deny
Think about it, you wanna be like me, put your pride aside

Bitch, I swag, dancin’ on the beat, call it Hammer Time
Took your bitch, look her in the eye, told her that she mine
Tampa Bay, that’s where I reside, say that shit with pride
Out my city I’m the best alive, I can’t even lie
I’m a blessin’, bitch, I testify, I go nationwide
Niggas mad they can’t leave their town, damn, I wonder why
Had a dream I had everything, that I want in life
f**k these rappers, bitch, I’m goin’ hard, call it Hammer Time, bitch

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