Big Baby Scumbag – Jodeci Freestyle Lyrics

Walk up in this bitch, I bet she notice me
Young pretty nigga, take your bitch I feel like Jodeci
Yea my name Big Baby, but that hoe she call me Hercules
Pull up in that Ghost, that’s some shit that you ain’t heard or seen
Why you playin’ dumb nigga? I know that you heard of me
Write my verses in the bible, might cop me a Jesus piece
You ain’t flippin’ packs, you flip burgers at the Applebees
All these niggas sweet and make believe like Johnny Appleseed
I don’t play no games nigga, nah this ain’t a Chuck E Cheese
Nikes on my feet, look at my belt and it say double G
Runnin’ to this money like a rabbit, you got turtle feet
Doggin’ all these hoes, I’m off the leash and your bitch got the fleas
I ain’t with that funny shit, I’m on some gettin’ money shit
Shout out to the baby goin’ hyphy on some dummy shit
I don’t want your bitch, her pussy stank, she on some funky shit
Pull up to his crib with some bananas on some monkey shit
Yea I’m on that Florida shit, wet just like some water shit
Every night I go to sleep I dream about some foreign shit
Every night I go to sleep I dream about a foreign bitch
When I die and go to heaven, bury me in foreign shit

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