Big Baby Scumbag – Pimp C Freestyle Lyrics

God damn, they done let a young nigga in the club
I pulled up to the club in the ostrich
I got ostrich on my feet
I’m in VIP section you feel me?
Imma need all the bad bitches to report to the middle of the dance floor
Imma need all the bad bitches to report to the middle of the dance floor
We gon do it like this, check it out

Came in this bitch with about 30 bitches
Bitches on my dick cuz I’m wet like a fisher
Pull up on yo bitch and spread the hoe just like a swisher
Damn I miss my ex bitch I might go f**k her sister
Bitch I got the juice and imma put it in the blender
I got a bad bitch and she might just let me pimp her
I got a bad bitch and she don’t look like her pictures
I ate her like some catfish, I met that hoe on tinder
Ice around my neck and it be cold just like December
Bitch I feel like Lion King but no I’m not no Simba
Walking on the moon I’m taking off just like a missile
Pull up on yo bitch and cock that hoe just like a pistol
Pull up in a spaceship, you know I’m hitting switches
That bitch wanna f**k me, I know she blowing kisses
That bitch wanna suck me, she wanted me for Christmas
These niggas steady hating ‘cuz they washed up like some dishes
Pull up with a stick, bitch I’m feeling like I’m Deadshot
My bitch like a supermodel when she taking headshots
Pussy got a smackdown, she got me in a leglock
I’m in that bitch raw and she got be in a headlock
Fred Flintstone on a bitch ‘cuz I bedrock
Pockets on swole, Suge Knight, bitch I’m 2Pac
Told that bitch to bend it over ’till she touch her tube sock
I gave that bitch a half a pill she takin off her tube top
Bitch I’m warming up I’m like an engine in the winter
Bitch give me top and she taking off her dentures
Dancing with the devil baby girl and I’m a sinner
Ballin’ real hard, bitch I feel like Derek Fisher
Shawty poppin’ pussy, throw it me like a pitcher
Knock it out the park, bitch I feel like Derek Jeter
Got it from my momma so I really wanna meet her
Stuntin’ like my daddy I could never be a leecher
Bitch I take flight, jumpman on my sneaker
I don’t want yo bitch cuz she a natty and you can keep her
Taught that bitch a lesson she a student I’m a teacher
I call that bitch an asshole I know that she a bleacher
Young nigga ballin’ while you sittin’ on the bleecher
Big Baby got it, bitch I’m bustin’ out your speaker
No you cannot ride with me my car is a two seater
No you cannot have my number hit me on my beeper
Waves in my hair and they spinning like a typhoon
Buzzin’ in my city blowin’ up bitch I might soon
Fly like a propeller I might turn into a kite soon
My bitch got a bitch so I might go f**k a dyke soon
I’m swaggin’, I’m flexin’
Main bitch textin’
Underground King like a nigga came from Texas
Rest in peace Pimp C
Bitch I’m big pimpin
Money getting longer and my pockets still itchin’

What is your name?
Wait, what?
Your name’s baby?
B-a-b-y, baby?
Well, then
You have us all beat
Every damn song is about you
We could drive back and forth
Across the states forever
And never run out
Of “baby” songs
We might run out of gas

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