Big Baby Scumbag – Pin Head Lyrics

Juvenile Hell

Hardest, I go the hardest, I’m in a starship (Woah)
Martian, I’m out of orbit, I go the farthest (Swag)
I’m swagged out, feel like Aladdin, I’m in the carpet
Passed out, I’m sippin’ red, dawg, like I’m at Target (Bitch)
Trill shit, like a swordsman, bitch, I sharp it (Woah)
Yellow suit, I’m out in Tokyo, I need a arson (Swag)
That cold shit, I’m in the cornfield, we at a harvest (Yeah)
I rampage, I’m goin’ apeshit, I feel like Darwin (Ah)
Bad bitch, I got a bad bitch, she an assassin (Swag)
Fall asleep, I’m in a Tesla so I ain’t crashin’ (Bitch)
Mask on, I’m at the opera, but I ain’t laughin’ (Woo)
Hitman, I pay for hire, so I got racks in (Woo)
Yellow truck, I got the flames from the Pussy Wagon (Woah)
Backpack, I got a pipe bomb, I feel like Batman (Woo)
Touchdown, bitch, I’m a giant, I’m like a dragon
Touchdown, bitch, I’m in Texas like Peyton Manning (Bitch)
My bitch bad, she practice witchcraft, I think she spellbound (Ah)
Pinhead like I’m a demon, so bitch, I’m hellbound
Blood [? 1:14] sold my soul, now bitch, I’m in Hell now (Bitch)
Real or fake, is you real or fake? Bitch, I can’t tell now (Woah)
Red light, I drain the bitch life, I feel like Bladee
Baby, you like the Army and like the Navy
And lately they want my baby, this shit is crazy
I’m ballin’, I got the rock, bitch, I feel like Jay-Z

Back it up against the wall, you heard him, back it up
Don’t make us put some pain on you!
Pain? How dare you use that word
He’s got… pins in his head
What you think of as pain is a mere shadow
Pain has a face
Allow me to show it to you
Gentlemen, I… am… pain
Juvenile Hell

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