Big Joe Williams – Wild Cow Blues Lyrics

Yeah I got up this morning : I was feeling awful bad
I was thinking about the good time mama : mmm Lord me
and my baby once have had

Babe I woke up this morning : I looked down the road
I think I heard my wild cow mama : when she begin to

If you see my wild cow buddy : please tell her [hurry,
come back] home
Lord I ain’t had no milk and butter : since my wild cow
been gone

I’m going to the bottom : just to hear my wild cow moan
If she moans so lonesome : I’m going to bring my wild
cow home

My wild cow got a horn : just long as your right arm
She yields so much milk and butter : I hate to see my
wild cow leave home

It take a ??? to roll : and a rocking chair to rock
The girl I’m loving : she talk that old baby‑talk

Lord I don’t feel welcome : I say nowhere I go
Lord I said good girl I’m loving : she done drove me
away from her door

You can read out your hymn book : you got your Bible
Fall down on your knees : ask the good Lord to help you

Because you going to need : you going to need my help
some day
You won’t quit your running around woman : please quit
your lowdown ways

Lord I went home at night : I looked out my door
There some other man had my wild cow : she could low

If you see my wild cow : please drive her back home
Lord I ain’t had no milk and butter : since he stole my
wild cow and gone

Now good morning : blues how do you do
I cried all night long Lordy : and I can’t get along
with you

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