Billionaire Bill Gates Funded COVID Vaccine to Be Ready in 12 Months

Billionaire Bill Gates Funded COVID Vaccine to Be Ready in 12 Months


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Billionaire Bill Gates is financing the development of the seven most promising ideas for a vaccine as he focuses on the deadly coronavirus in his philanthropic work.

The second-richest man in the world said vaccine production is unlikely to begin in September, as others have said.

For months now the quality of coronavirus testing has been a sore spot in the U.S.

Just looking at the raw numbers, Gates said, lacks the true picture.

Microsoft Corp.’s philanthropist and co-founder said his best-case scenario for a gradual reopening of the economy is to pick high-value activities such as education, manufacturing, and building, and find a way to do those who have masks and distancing.

It is relative to the infection spreading through foreign travel in early 2020. Microsoft shares are up around 10 per cent for the year to date at about $174. It is even as global market indices are down and stocks of certain companies are hammered.

Previously in an interview with the Financial Times, Gates said that Covid-19 would receive “absolute funding” from his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has an endowment of more than $40 billion. The foundation has donated $250 million so far to help combat the coronavirus. Also, is re-purposing units devotes to battling other diseases to join the pandemic war. Gates defended Trump’s World Health Organization from claims. The organization had misused the response to the virus.

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