Blac Haze – Fantasize Lyrics

(Phone rings)
(Intro, Blac Haze)
Yeah, yeah, yeah what’s up
It’s Blac Haze, ya know I’m sayin?
Yeah, what’s up
Ya know I’m sayin?
I was umm.. thinkin about’chu and umm..
Thought I’d give you a call

(Hook x2, Blac Haze)
I can see it in yo eyes
I know you fantasize
Ain’t no need for the lies
I’m not surprised

(Verse 1)
First time we met, I won’t lie
I didn’t wanna get wit’chu, but why try?
Err’body tellin me, take a chill
You wanna get with her?
You gotta make a mil’
A girl like that, make a nigga pay fees
Benjamins, all about g’s
Watch yo step, the girl ain’t lame
The girl got a rep, the girl got a game
A nigga like me, still wanna get that
Nigga like me, still wanna split that
Conversate, let me know if ya wit that
Pass the weed, I know you wanna hit that
Sippin on Hennessey, no chase
Takin this party back to my place
Just wanna see a smile on yo face
Bounce wit me, no time to waste
Don’t want no beef, or no stress
Nothin but weed smoke off in my chest
Wanna roll wit me? Be my guest
Smokin ‘sess as we undress

(Hook x4)

(Verse 2)
Sexy brown eyes, makin me sweat
My only plan, is makin you wet
Could the name, be the reason you sex?
Rubbin, tastin, got you vexed
Don’t wanna break ya heart, blow ya mind
But once I hit that, fo-sho ya mine
You wanna roll? Here’s yo chance
Get with this, if ya want romance
Sparkin L’s, in the Five
I’ll roll a blunt, while you drive
You wanna do it live? You wanna test this?
And we got a pound of weed, in the Lexus
“Doggystyle”, just like Snoop
Sippin on Hennessey, in the coupe
We on some other shit, check me out
Squeeze ya breasts, tongue in ya mouth
What’chu rock? Tryin’a get loot?
Sexy brown, lookin all cute
Blac Haze, you know my ‘stiq
Where you at? You know where I be
V.I.P., on some chill shit
Nigga wanna wild, I’m on some ill shit
Spit the game, err’body got beef
Pound of weed, and her mom told me
Is it hot? Is it not?
Take it “Nice and Slow” cause we got
All night, just to stay heated
Spark a blunt, a nigga stay weeded
Peepin game, tellin lies
Cause I can see it in yo eyes

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