Black Fast – The Keep Lyrics

Thrown open out into the night
Bow set in motion, no end in sight
Bitterly the season charges on

No surrender, just a poison taste
Freezing me in time and space
Of indecision, infinite waste of time

As one by one with my fears I fall
Always conquered as my dreams dissolve
Wave after wave my curtain calls, call to me

In the cold of morning, after the blast
With the fallout ringing, that this will pass
Dormant spell cast, in of darkness draws

Scourge of madness, here to reap the cost

In the coming winter, the storm of our ending
In the twilight ages, of night descending

Here I’m found, in the frenzy, lost
This tomb my palace, of forgotten frost
Into darkness scourge of madness draws

As one by one with my fears I fall
Conquered always watching dreams dissolve
Wave after wave this curtain calls, calling me

What a waste

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