Black Woman Killed by Cops in the Name of Search Warrant

Black Woman Killed by Cops in the Name of Search Warrant


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Breonna Taylor, an EMT 26-year-old black woman, was sleeping in her Kentucky home only after midnight on March 13 just when police entered someone else with a search warrant and opened fire, killing her. Now, a Taylor family lawsuit accuses the officers of wrongful death, excessive force and negligence.

Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officials said police were shot first after Taylor ‘s husband, Kenneth Walker, shot at them in a drug investigation. Yet the complaint alleges that the police have not identified themselves and that Walker, a licensed gun owner, believed that someone was coming in. Neither Walker nor Taylor, the suit claims, had any criminal background. Taylor had operated at two hospitals as an EMT in emergency departments, assisting with the response to coronavirus, her family said.

According to LMPD officers Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankinson and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly is as defendants, the case, reports by CBS News, arriving at the home in plain clothes and cars. They carry a search warrant for Taylor ‘s apartment “knock and declare,” because they searching for a guy who livs in another section of Louisville. The person they search for is already in custody by LMPD the day before according to the complaint.

Police Justify Themselves, Claims of Shooting in the Leg

Police, on the other hand, claims the officers knocked at the door. Also, declaring themselves, and that they hear “immediately gunshots”. It is when the officers forcefully enter. Mattingly, police state, he shoots in the leg. Walker charges with assaulting a police officer at first degree and attempt to murder. Mattingly, following an internal review, both Cosgrove and Hankison place on administrative reassignment.

The case traces the past of the use of force as officers by Cosgrove and Hankinson. Cosgrove, the complaint says, fired a resident of Louisville seven times in a separate scenario. Hankinson reportedly had hundreds of cases in which he sent people to the hospital for an injury. It is from handcuffed, pepper-spray and repeatedly hit in the nose and eyes. An attorney for the couple, Ben Crump who also advises Ahmaud Arbery’s couple told: “CBS This Morning”. He states Walker and Taylor believe that the people are robbers.

In a statement, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said he was awaiting the end result. It is of the LMPD inquiry into the case. In a statement on Wednesday, Governor Andy Beshear said news of Taylor’s demise is “troubling.”

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