Blueface Gets Canceled For Asking For George Floyd Discount While Shopping

Light humor can diffuse tension, but Blueface even the best intentions can bring backlash.

Blueface’s fans and followers have put him on blast for being crass and insensitive after mentioning the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement to get a price discount earlier this weekend. With protests over George Floyd’s murder likely to spill over into another week, there’s no shortage of umbrage and no tolerance for anyone trivializing this issue. Shocked by the price on some modern luxury furniture, Blueface was heard asking for a “George Floyd discount” in a since deleted Instagram post. Fans on both Twitter and Instagram were disgusted by the lack of tact, and calls for him to be canceled quickly filled the comments.

The reactions ranged from the short, “Does he understand what’s going on in the world smh,” to the furious, “The entire world is on some black lives matter n you out here wasting money on furniture????? You ain’t said one word on this page or been in these LA streets representing for the movement. Sad bc you a black man, smh, hope you don’t get pulled over one day #blacklivesmatter.”

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#PressPlay: Looks like #Blueface wanted a #GeorgeFloyd & #BlackLivesMatter discount… (?: @bossy_addict_tea)

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Blueface is known for gimmicks and antics on his social media pages, including public ‘baby mama drama,’ but it was widely felt that his attempt to turn fresh pain into a joke went too far. It’s at least the second time this week a celebrity has had a foot-in-mouth moment over their grasp of the current movement and global mood. Female rapper Trina was called out after criticizing protests and looting in Miami, and referring to those rioting over George Floyd’s senseless killing as “animals.” Both have been incredibly swift in apologizing for their remarks, as the “Thotiana” rapper followed up by tweeting ‘no justice, no peace’ after the largely negative feedback.

Talk about being tone deaf.

Blueface should've been cancelled when he was disrespecting black women. This weirdo has been problematic.

— ??? ???? ????? ?? 5.24? (@simplyme_a) June 6, 2020

Yooo cuzzy @bluefacebleedem… wtf is wrong with you. Ni66as gave you a pass with the whole Pop Smoke situation now a few months later this. You ain't have a damm thing to say on your platform about #BLM. You boxing and doing goofy shit. Cuzzy you done now. You on that long list

— Notwitdafunnies (@Petty_Murphy74) June 6, 2020

Blueface is one disgusting ass human being. ??How dare you try to get a discount using George Floyd name and because your black and you laughed while saying all of it. Your a pussy bruh and y’all need to cancel his wack ass FRFR

— Rachel ?? BLM (@StopKILLINGUS2) June 6, 2020

Blueface stupid ignorant ass needs to get beat tf up I want to know who is supporting this coon ass niggas music can’t rap on beat to save his fucking like fuckin bootlickin Uncle Tom house negro ass bitch

— Jaynila (@sisteravvanti) June 6, 2020

“lemme get a George Floyd disc-“ BlueFace is bored & looking for attention

— . (@kadeejraa) June 6, 2020

Blueface (@bluefacebleedem)

Has been SILENT about the Black Lives Matter protest but when buying furniture, he joked around saying he should get a “George Floyd discount.” Using his death as a way to get a discount.

— ???????’? ???????? (@kimthotseoks) June 6, 2020

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