Bonfire – So What? Lyrics

Call me born yesterday
My haircut’s not exactly modern style
Call me zombie
But hell I need to drink once in a while

I don’t care if you don’t like me
‘Cause it’s my life, so don’t you shake my tree

Call me ignorant
I’d rather cruise the strip than save a tree
My taste, your nightmare
But rap’s the same as crap without the “c”

I don’t care
If it drives you up the wall
‘Cause it’s my life
Ain’t your business at all­

So what? You tow the line
Just let me do it my own way
So what? Live and let die
Ain’t got nothing left to say

Call me intolerant
Pink weddings sure are not my cup of tea
Charge me with blasphemy
But worshipping the Pope won’t make you free

I don’t need
All your good advice
‘Cause it’s my life
And I will pay the price
Just leave me alone


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