Bonfire – Wings To Fly Lyrics

No rags to riches, slave to the grind
Lost in a bottle, I got wrecked out of my mind
Wait for the weekend, wait for a thrill
Five days of bullshit made me crucify my will

Stone cold sober to make ends meet
I realize that I don’t live on easy street

Give me a reason, why should I stay?
Don’t have the guts to leave
I’m just wishing it away

If I had wings to fly
I would be gone with no goodbyes

If I had wings to fly
Welcome to freedom, I’ll ride the sky

Life is a rat race, don’t rock the boat
Keepin’ up with the Joneses before you get too old

Suburban victims control the game
Don’t need no ticket to get on that gravy train

I wish I could fly away
And leave this world behind
No dreams about yesterday
Spread my wings and fly


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