Bounty Killer Saw Increase In Music Sales & Instagram Followers Since Verzuz

Bounty Killer saw a huge increase in music sales and followers on Instagram since his Verzuz clash.

The first Jamaican staging of the Verzuz challenge has come and gone, and like jolly St Nicholas during Christmas, it has left a ton of goodies. In keeping with the analogy, organizers Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Solid Agency presented a truly wonderful feast fit for the nearly half a million viewers that tuned in.

While Bounty Killer and Beenie Man should never be referred to as food, their performance last Saturday was truly sweet and satisfying. Both men pulled out some of their best getups, played and sung some of their biggest hits, and even showed off some of their best dance moves while battling each other in a small studio space. At the end of the battle, there was one clear winner, soundclash culture, and by large reggae and dancehall music.

Bounty Killer expounded on the topic while conducting a post-clash interview with CVM TV. “Jamaican’s started this clash thing, the rappers had battles but sound system spinning music is a Jamaican thing, so this is really the Jamaica vibes.” However, that was not the only good to emerge from the clash, as during the interview, Bounty Killer mentioned that he got a significant boost in Instagram followers since being listed as a contender.

The Warlord’s official Instagram page that can be found at @grunggaadzilla currently has almost 666k followers.

“The amount of followers I got since Swizz Beatz advertise me and Beenie I know what it was gonna be like,” mentioned Bounty while responding to a question about what it was like deejaying for a virtual audience.

He then revealed the staggering jump his account made in terms of followers, “I get 25,000 followers in 3 days, that’s history on Instagram, I never get 2000 people in less than a week. So I know the impact Verzuz TV has, so this is something big.”

The official Verzuz TV Instagram account also recorded a spike in its followers count when it moved from under 400,000 followers when the clash was first announced, to over a million followers approximately a day after the Jamaican showdown. Verzuz organizers celebrated the moment by sharing a poster similar in design to the one used to promote the clash between Bounty and Beenie.

Along with the boost in popularity, both men could see their visa revocations lifted, that is if the powers that be at the US Embassy heed to the cry of their fans both locally and overseas.

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