Bounty Killer Slams Alkaline Says Popcaan & Koffee Are Bigger Artists

Bounty Killer is not a fan of Alkaline, and the artist is making it known. In a recent back and forth with fans of the “Cree” singer, Bounty acknowledged Koffee and Popcaan, claiming they were both bigger than Alkaline.

In response to an Alkaline fan who wrote, “alkaline paving the way now young bombocl**t people time now…ole foot a fi later”, Bounty Killer said, “Paving ur ma*da ole Koffee and Poppy bigger than ba*ty washer.”

The harsh comments toward the “Ocean Wave” singer did not end there. In subsequent comments, Killer said Alkaline’s fans were just upset that he did not rate their “brawta artiste,” that he was “kids meal,” “fish guts,” and that “dem boy deh simple.”

Bounty has been ‘throwing shade’ at Alkaline since the launch of his Top Prize album. On the day of Alkaline’s launch (May 14), the “Worthless Bwoy” singer posted a promo post for his upcoming King of Kingston album on his Instagram page. The album art was accompanied by a message many concluded was aimed at the Vendetta artist.

Bounty Killer reiterates ahead of his upcoming album that, “since everybody and dem granny making album this year all of a sudden let me make this clear all who and who dropping dem little dumpling thing dweet fast and move bcuz when GIANT a feed up a pudding pan kerosene tin business in other words the BIGGEST BADDEST and the BEST dancehall Y’album for the last two decades is…………..LOADING.”

Bounty is hyping his album and setting great expectations, so it’ll be interesting to see how it measures up to Alkaline’s “Top Prize”.

“Top Prize”, the album, has been trending both locally and internationally. In the week leading up to its launch, it was the #1 pre-ordered album on all several platforms, including Amazon and iTunes.

Does Bounty Killer’s claim have any truth to it? Several factors would need to be scrutinized to make such a claim. Alkaline’s arrival on Jamaica’s music scene in 2013 came years after one of Popcaan‘s biggest tracks, “Only Man She Want.” While the Vendetta boss has been creating waves way before Koffee‘s arrival, her debut project and subsequent Grammy win is still lauded as one of the greatest triumphs in the genre.

The number of international connections/collaborations can also be used as an ideal measure of an entertainer’s reach. Popcaan dominates in this area, with the deejay being the unofficial plug for international entertainers when they venture to the island. Aside from his record deal with OVO Sound, Poppy is also great friends with Canadian superstar Drake.

Popcaan’s list of international musical collaborations has grown extensively in the last couple of years and continues to do so with each passing year. 2020’s feature-laden FIXTAPE gave fans a look into Popcaan’s reach as well as his ability to unify local entertainers. This is a stark contrast to Alkaline’s recent project, which is without a single feature.

The discussion would be flawed without talks of the endorsement deals these top acts have secured over the years. Koffee walks away with the top prize in this area with contracts with the likes of MasterCard, Calvin Klein, and Malta. Alkaline has managed to secure deals with the Red Stripe beer company and Digicel.

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