Brokeasf – Not Your Average Teen Lyrics

Bj On The Beat Boy

[Verse 1]
You Tryna Be Tough
You Talking All That Shit Until You See Us
And Bitch I Got A Glock Nine, Cock it and you get [?]
We Can Meet Up
Put The Guns Down, You Get Beat Up
I’m Old School, I don’t shake your hand if I don’t know you
You used to niggas talking in shit, jhit ima show you
Who to play with?

You better watch them hoes your bay with
Cause bitch you got to drop on the spot and who you stay with?
Them same niggas that be talking shit, that’s who she lay with
Niggas talking, typing and dissing that’s that gay shit
Long neck, free my niggas locked up having phone sex
Fat bitch, she eat the whole dick, i call her long neck

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