Caleb Giles – Stone Flower

Stay down, see all the changes ’round here
Picking the pace up
While you’re picking the face out
Digging them stakes off
The dirt I embrace out here
You’re fucking my days up
It’s true, ain’t number to pace up
I grew and I ain’t son
Paddle to page my dear
Paddle to floor, settle the scores
I can’t embrace up and losing the days, son
See what I’ve been chasing
They got me a wake up
The nights bleed into paper
Give in then I take some
No way [?] to my name one
Trade in the waves, I can’t be plea or relate at
Share what I spend too long learning what they’ve done
These ni**as gon hate you,
Learn when they ain’t learned
Earn what you pay for
Burn what you can’t trust
Merge when your lane stuck
Or fast word get you changed up
Yeah yeah yeah

Praise little light on the feeling
Shine races all my ni**as but I stole yeah
I do it above five [?] screaming like the meters tryina glow
Tell me what you know oh oh oh oh
Since you never saw oh oh oh oh ooh ooh
Yeah yeah

Can’t stop now,
I’m on gold
Different [??]
I’ve been me since the fights with my teachers
Bleeding by them bleachers
Small but never winds
Asking by how I’m speaking
And being cared for the [?]
In my hood ni**as reaches
One just tryina make it home, on this side of the street
That’s not enough just to sit here
You gotta know more corners in the details
I sit bottom on the low
I cannot go, I need me up on the road
I’ll make 80 before the days over it
Write in the stone , the chills will strike in my soul
Please me, I cannot go

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