Capo – Now Lyrics (feat. Chief Keef)

[Hook: Chief Keef]
When I ball out, I go all out
I walk up in the mall, buy the mall out
I know you see me ballin’, bitch don’t call now
Can I hit in the morning, I’m just f*ckin’ around
Girl you kind of bad, girl let’s f*ck around
I know you want it bad, I’ma dick you down
I got all the money, all the bitches now
I got all the cars, all the jewelry now

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I drove all the rari’s, all the Bentley’s now
For a show I’m chargin’ 50 now
For a verse I’m chargin’ 20 now
Yo broke ass better come and get it now
Up and blow and you know it
Posted on the block with them 30s, bitch we blowin’
And these niggas mad cause Chief Sosa glowin’
But they ain’t gone matter to me
I’m too high on that forest
Smoking dope got me higher than a solar
Sosa money fallin’ and I ain’t even know it
I don’t wanna f*ck bitch my dick out of order

And I know you hate bein’ sober


[Verse 2: Capo]
Remember when I used to call for rides, no more walkin’ now
Ferrari, nasty bitches, backseat chauffeurs now
I remember I had no jewelry
Always flexin, now the Jews, they wanna sue me
Come from the bottom, where we at now?
We at the top and around the city, we headed around
Pull on yo block, the Glock go bababa
The feds on us now cause we hot hot hot
f*ck yesterday I’m talkin’ bout now now now
Pull on yo block skrrt boom boom boww boww boww
We ‘pose to smoke it and tote it and blow it
It’s f*cked up when yo own guys get mad when you holdin’
They wasn’t mad back then but now they mad with emotions
You want to hold something, now I got in you can’t hold it
Now I got all the money, all the bitches now
I got all the cars and all the jewelry now


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