Cardi B Send A Message To Offset While Stunting Her Natural Hair

Cardi B is embracing her natural hair while seemingly sending a message to Offset.

The eccentric personality of the female rapper is not just limited to her music and crazy sayings — it’s evidenced in her hair, too. It is not unusual for Cardi B to sport a bubblegum pink wig or luscious locks made of bright blonde and streaks of other colors. However, after years of covering up her follicles and showing weaves to the world, Cardi has had a change of heart — and hair.

The “I Like It” rapper let her fans into a very personal space as she showed off her real hair on Instagram. The strands appear healthy and shiny and sit halfway down her back. She attributed the growth and condition to a DIY hair mask that she whipped up for herself and her toddler Kulture and showed her followers how to make their own. Offset was busy voting so perhaps he didn’t get his hair treated by his wife.

Using natural ingredients and easy-to-purchase items from the store, Cardi B made a concoction of avocado, mayonnaise, honey, eggs, a banana, Argan oil, and castor oil. The 27-year-old remarked that the moisturizing formula is great for bringing out curl patterns and that one should be conscious about what they put in their body and on their hair. “You’re not going to put soda in your hair,” she quipped.

The philosophy appears to have paid off based on the picture that Cardi B shared. “The end results of all that s*** I put on my hair earlier,” she wrote. “Treat your hair ladies… and don’t let a n**** tell you s*** bout wearing wigs. It helps with hair growth ALOT!”

Both Cardi and Kulture’s hair seems to be in good hands.

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The end results of all that shit I put on my hair earlier???.Treat your hair ladies …and don’t let a nikka tell you shit bout wearing wigs?It helps with hair growth ALOT !

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on Jun 8, 2020 at 10:11pm PDT

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