Carl Barat & The Jackals – Burning Cars Lyrics

In our dissolute romance through desperate hours
In the scrubland by IKEA
We wax lyrical wise in the witching hour
Over cans of lager beer

We call up to the heavens
But the signal won’t go that far
In this city scape, a neon black we can barely see the star
There’s only street lamps to wish upon tonight…

We’re burning cars, to make our own stars…

High out in the coldnight air

Pull on whisky, pull you closer
Her face lit up by the shit we burn
Breath like wotsits and samosa

As the lights grew farther and farther, she’d ask;
Is this forever? Each night we hit it harder
I’d say you never can say never
If this world gets too frightening
We’ll shot gun white lightening…but tonight

We’re burning cars…


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