Carrio Xanders – Mad Lyrics

Huh, you know I was raised by KRS and LL Cool J
Rakim, Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane
But you know what?
I’m here now and I’m helping raise your own kids
This is why I do this, huh, yeah

See life’s like a glass full of water running over
Then I might be overdosing on caustic soda
I’ve foreseen it, I done did it, now come with me
I saw children with wrong intents and guns ringing
Now mom’s weeping, questioning what she did wrong
But these youngers manifest like demons when the beam’s on
My ends like a den of gangsters and drug lords
Some are impoverished, but others I’m like “what for?”

Welcome to my neighbourhood, ganging and banging
You know it’s a rite of passage when you’ve been on the landings
You know what I’m talking about, I’m talking gang tings
That, rap or play ball, that’s how you stay outstanding
But I’m not here to praise the system, neither would I blame the victim
Having just a conversation and I brought the nation with me
And we would never really know about the outcome
I’m just here to tell you that it’s mad and my album’s done

Orange Jumpsuit, that’s what it’s all about
It’s coming

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