Cash Kidd – Rookie Of The Year Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cash Kidd]
I dropped one song, they thought I was done but I’m still snappin’
I seen my ex the other day that bitch still a ratchet
Yeah I’m a silly ass nigga but I’m still savage, I paid all this money for this belt, but I’m still saggin’
These niggas think because I rap I won’t come spread the chopper, it ain’t shit for me to pull them toys out like a baby shower
And we don’t beef over no p*ssy nigga save the drama
Jimmy hit my sister, so I went and f*cked his baby momma
It ain’t a problem what we supposed to do?
Bang a about it hell nah, this shit a piece of cake I feel like Betty Crocker
One thing about us, we don’t trip we let the hoes choose
Getting brain while I’m at the crib call that home school
Free Lee, E.T., man and FreeTone I get excited when they call my number, like bingo
She boost it like we used to go together, f*ck is she on?
Bitch I never cuffed yo right ass, you is just one of my freak hoes

Be smooth and get yo bitch f*cked
A nigga say he f*cked my bitch, I’m like which one?
Grinded hard all year, shit I went dumb
Rookie of the Year, I deserve to get my dick sucked
I know if I ain’t do shit I know I went dumb
Hit the mall up, me and my niggas tore that bitch up
Everywhere we go these hoes choose, they can’t pick one
I been workin’ hard, I deserve to get my dick sucked

[Verse 2: Cash Kidd]
You braggin’ about all these hoes, then nigga share some
I bust all in her weave, you picked her up and got her hair done
That p*ssy as tight as a bear hug, I beat it up like a snare drum
My nigga smoke that dog ass weed, call that Air Bud
Where the competition? Line em up like a haircut
Ear rings froze, god damn I need ear muffs

My bitch trippin’ I said “bitch I want my old hoes back”, she sucked the life out of my dick like take your old hoes back, oh shit
I’m finna make a movie watch all these hoes go and get their cameras
I spread niggas like disinfection
I send shots like a picture mat
Off the hook I’m disconnected
My pockets fat them bitches printed
I don’t sneak diss, if the shoe fits you better wear that bitch like Cinderella
Diamonds all in the bezzle, what time is it?
Make the fox for gettin’ Glocks, I give you hams straight up and down like its six’o’clock
If I ain’t gettin’ guap then I’m gettin’ top from a little thot, let a nigga plot my, trigger finger it itchin’ bitch
Pop Pop


[Verse 3: Cash Kidd]
I fell out with some lames but I still f*ck with my real goons, you talkin crazy? Yeah okay, we gon’ see who kill who
After I f*ck you gotta go, you know the drill boo
I been busted my nut, why this bitch talkin’ like we still cool
After a nigga hear me rap he grab a pen and paper, I influenced niggas to go hard I did you niggas favors
What the f*ck you niggas don’t have no damn swag
Tuckin’ in y’all shirt tryna show off, y’all belt so damn bad
That shit crazy it’s hilarious, you niggas is embarrasin’, I feel like the East me and me niggas done f*cked e’rry bitch
Run up on some jelly shit I sting you like a jellyfish, then stomp you with my Air Force 1’s on some Nelly shit
[?] thinkin’ they f*ckin’ with me than that bitch dumb
f*ck y’all favorite, I’ll f*ck everyone on that list up
My first song I hit like a million views in like 6 months, so if I don’t get shit bitch I need to get my dick sucked


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