Caskey – Priceless Cuts Lyrics

[lyrics based on snippet]

I wish a maf*cka would so I could feel good when I gun him down
Y’all big homies bitch-made, my big homies shot a hunnid rounds
Stayin’ strapped on this side
Been had the fishscale on me, no fish fry
Know my next move, I ain’t even gotta decide
Bitch said I fold under pressure, well the bitch lied

I ain’t takin’ baby steps, I’ma take a big stride

I’m a diamond in the rough
I’ma die ’bout my respect
My diamonds priceless cuts
So I’m comin’ for your neck
And you can’t buy respect
But you could get hit with this tech
I’ma flood out my baguettes
When I pull up to collect, ayy, yeah

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