Chillinit – Overkill Lyrics

More money, more problems
(Turn me up all the way)
More money, more problems
(Turn it up all the way)
More money, more problems, yeah, yeah

More money, more problems
Christopher Wallace, they’ll kick in my door
Stick to the facts, look at my plaques
Now there be levels, so stick to the score
Speaking of levels, my girl be the devil
And she wants to smoke on the sixtieth floor
She want it rough, she wanna f*ck
Man on the phone, she’s missing the call, missing the call
I said, “What, mate?
Brother, how you on the rocks and you not straight?”
How you on the top? You’re not, your shit drop
When it flop, can’t stick ’em
See through like Scotch tape
Brother got the ganja fumes, I passed ya, dude
Ya bars are stupid like hot flame
Drop like a Asian barbecue
My party room has got chopsticks and a hot plate
MH17, you’re a lost case
Yeah, I’m better with the steeze, you ain’t got game
But you’re honest to promise I’m gettin’ on it
Gettin’ stoned like Onyx, throw rotten like Dot name
(Oi, cunt) You ain’t got Gucci
(Oi, cunt) You ain’t got groupies
And you can’t even weigh up a gram
Is it double-oh seven like a James Bond movie?
You can’t spit like Dons, hit rick like Ross, I’m a big time boss
Get the paper, sniff the white, I’m like Dana
Midnight thot on a midnight drop
Yeah, what? Brudda, what? Wanna get my spot?
Brudda, f*ck it, I won it, so you can piss right off
Brudda, f*ck it, I run it, so get your money for nothing
You wanna act real hard, but your inside soft
You get smoked like weed in the house
You’re a rat like 6ix9ine was
Your girl get good D on the couch
‘Cause she love all the big nice prof–
Kick back when you see me around
Big stacks and my big, nice watch
I get money without leaving my house
I guess I call that a inside job
Brudda, I’m a star like Ringo
Ting go da-da-da-da, that’s lingo
Blaze on the herb, you heard the spliff burns
So I might steal your baby girls, I’m like dingoes
She go spend your last, so I’m gringo
She’s gonna bend it back, it’s like limbo
She’s gonna bend it back, bend it back
Yeah, she gonna bend it back, rah
Brother, I’m in and out your lane
I could headbutt a brother like Zinedine Zidane
I get head rush, brother, I’m in a house of pain
Get a headf*ck, brother, I lift back your frame, like

Family first, heart is still broken, my heart be in pain
f*ck this emotion, I don’t feel emotion
I don’t show emotion, I laugh in your face
f*ck all my friends, f*ck their revenge
I know that karma could come in a day
Down for the streets, but why would I beef
When the shit I release hit the chart in a day?
Money get made, I rock Louis like Suarez
Brother get the robbin’ like Arjen
Rock with a ounce, gee, strike, emcee’s Lewandowski
Brother get up and gone in a half-sec
Well, I’m gonna half-step, yeah, the hard flow kill ya
On the defence, Thiago Silva
Rock them, Sydney to Tottenham
Brother got the pot up in the van of my Tarago, silver
Packed out van full of saddies, mayne
Your girl callin’ me daddy, mayne
Back in the day, it was on RV
Like a Tottenham king, that’s Harry Kane
Yeah, I do this, that’s true shit
Little hunnies I’m f*ckin’, they all be too thick
Your girl’s toothpick
My girl on a boat with a P and a O, cruise ship
You wanna do this? Want smoke? Pass the hookah
Been midfield like Luka
You know the bars are the bomb and the bars could nuke ya
So bang, brudda, bang, brudda, master shooter
Let me play, take leaves like Mark Viduka
Little bae got tits, thick hips, big bitch
In the back of my van doing Kama Sutra
When did this happen?
Now I got these hunnids and dope in my whip
Now I got thotties that speaking in Spanish
And she wanna f*ck and then smoke on the spliff
Bottle for bottle, she callin’ me daddy
And she wanna f*ck while her throat’s in my grip
And I count all my money I make off my rappin’
And cut some Columbian coke off the brick
We on some shit

Brother, that’s overdrive
I said, brother, yeah, brother, that’s overdrive
And yeah, I own the mic, stoned the skill, you know the drill
Yeah, I ride for my bros for life
Because everybody talks online
Talk like you know me, bro, that’s fine
You don’t like me, I don’t like you
I feel the same, but you cunts wanna speak my name
I said, okay, brother, that’s overdrive
Yeah, brother, yeah, brother, that’s overdrive
Yeah, brother, yeah, brother
Yeah, brother, yeah, brother
Yeah, brother, yeah, brother, that’s overdrive, ugh, yeah
Now I’m going overkill, I said, ugh
Now I’m going overkill, I said, huh
Now I’m going overkill, I said, ugh, ugh

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