Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls Pompeo and Trump’s Assumptions as Political Ploy

Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls Pompeo and Trump’s Assumptions as Political Ploy


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Latest allegations by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump that perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in a Wuhan laboratory was a Republican political ploy regardless of the presidential election in 2020, China claims. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters at a daily press conference on Wednesday:

When questioned about a Reuters study a Chinese government think tank had released a document to leaders warning that the US and China might possibly end up in armed conflict over increasing global anti-China sentiment.

US allegations: Pompeo states in an interview with ABC on Sunday that there is “enormous evidence” Covid-19 emerging in a Wuhan laboratory. He gives information to back up the assertion. China’s handling of the virus is the target, particularly during the initial outbreak. It accuses of silencing whistleblowers and withholding public information about the extent of the crisis.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security study found that the Chinese government deliberately. It withheld from the international community the extent of the virus. This is while stockpiling imports and that exports, according to two officials in the administration familiar with the study.

So, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang acknowledges that “warnings for the city not enough,” and offers to resign. And Beijing has struck back with its own lobbying campaigns. As they accuse the United States of transferring the blame and spreading “lies.”

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