Chris Brown’s Birthday Bash Shut Down By LAPD

Chris Brown has never been accused of not knowing how to party.

The superstar singer celebrated his 32nd birthday this week with a huge event at his house on Wednesday, which also happened to be Cinco de Mayo. The party, which has held in Tarzana, CA, reportedly became so large and loud that the neighbors called the police, who escorted guests out of the area.

According to TMZ, the night saw around 500 attendees, and ABC7 reported that neighbors were complaining about the 300 cars parked outside Brown’s home. After speaking with Chris Brown’s onsite security team, the police asked that the music be turned down and partygoers asked to leave.

Of course, getting that many people out of a neighborhood at 2am is a feat of its own. Police cars reportedly helped direct traffic and multiple helicopters recorded the situation from above. The cops involved did report that guests were very cooperative when leaving the party.

Chris Brown has yet to speak out about the incident or the party, but video clips shared online show the singer enjoying his celebration and turning up to some of his own hits. Considering his history, it seems unlikely that Brown is very rattled by the experience.

In 2019, cops were called to the same home for a similar reason, except this time, it wasn’t a party that drew far too many people to Chris’ house. Brown took to Instagram to share his home address with his millions of followers, announcing that he was hosting a yard sale where fans could score some of his pre-worn designer items at a discounted price.

Chris Brown intended to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, but LAPD quickly tried to shut the event down by claiming the singer needed a permit to sell out of his house. However, Chris’ legal team fought for his right to have the yard sale, which continued as planned while police patrolled the area out of fear that crowds would become too large. Clearly, Chris still isn’t concerned with the impact of large crowds, even in the middle of a pandemic.

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