Chris Travis – By Myself Lyrics

Shawty hit me up
She knows just whats up
My niggas hit me up
We ready for the skunk
I’m smokin by myself
Ion need no help
I crept and then I left
Boy you must be deaf

[verse 1]
You ain’t on my level mane
And I’m as high as shelves
And I got the cheapest gas
Mane they call my spot the shell
Boy you niggas stale
And your hoes duck as hell
Go and feed them to the water
And make something of themselves
Niggas steady hatin
I’ll beat they ass as well
Bitches steady gossip
But they broke with the Chanel
And I be on my grind
There ain’t nothin you can tell me

Bitch I’m stackin bands
I could never be a felon

[Verse 2]
Underwater kenshin
Baby, come into my cellar
Said she live in Beverley
I said where
She said Bel-air
Playing in my dreads
She said boy you got some long hair
I know what she wanna do
Now gone bring that ass here
Don’t be steady bringing up the shit that happened last year
Ion give a f*ck
Goin in and out the same ear
Came into my world and she haven’t been the same since
Wake up every morning
Different day
It’s the same shit

[Hook] [x2]

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