Chris Travis – Can’t Save ‘Em Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I tell em get it, go get it
You already know what the deal is
Destruct all yo [?] like I'm livin' that
I don't have no time for these niggas and feelings
I step away from the shit that you tellin'
I'm sellin' out shows cause the shit I be yellin'
Waterboyz be the closest to the maker
She sweet as my wood and you sweeter than nectar
f*ck all the clout it could leave in a second
That's why I pray up and I count all my blessings
I do what I please there ain't no second guessin'
I didn't go to school cause these beats was my lesson
Made up some money myself I invest in
I fell in love with it I got me a fetish
But I can't get caught up, materials is [?]
This world is [?] out and could right any second

Like it's 2012, I am greater

She swimmin' in the water, I can't save her
Like it's 2012, I am greater
She swimmin' in the water, I can't save her

[Verse 2]
I give no f*ck 'bout a basic
She all on my shoulder can I get acquainted
She know I make bangers and I can't contain her
Bitch I'm off the radar, you thought that I knew ya'
Might f*ck with [?] I'm over that [?]
Cause im boomin' don't get misconstrued
And she like to make a lil movie, we hop in her two seat
Posted up nigga you see me on two feet
Wake up you see me, I don't fear a damn thing
I'm probably on Mars cause the shit I am smoking
You probably on Earth cause the shit you ain't smokin'
I'm gone I done killed it and left the door open

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