Chris Travis – Control Lyrics

I don't need no control
Ay, look

I don't need no control
Lies and tales told by a hoe
f*ck that she got attached quick
This what happens when you legit
Run through my ? I blank
Till the the day come bitch I rank-
Top till on shit, and you sink
I don't smoke cigs bitch I pint
I don't give f*cks that's fasho
You's a f*ck-boy and you know
All my niggas f*cked that hoe

Woke up too rich in my robe
No that cannot take my soul
No that cannot take my soul
Dig it up bitch I'm out here
f*ck the world, it's nothin' that I fear
I'ma come through and control
These p*ssy niggas emos
They be so jealous of me
Twenty-five soldiers its a lead
Ran it up bitch got a house
About the business boy f*ck clout
I done got sauce on my coat
I'ma eat bread with my folk

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