Chris Travis – Diamonds Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Intro x2]
Girl you can lay that body down
I'mma get you wet, please don't lose that smile
Say it's getting late, I ain't worried 'bout the time
Put it on you, cause you been running through my mind

[Verse 1]
Tell me why the f*ck these niggas hate
Real young nigga, I'm just tryna' get this paper
Drank purple green, yeah bitch I got them flavors
Syrup in my cup, but bitches think of that maple
Cause niggas is not able, to come close to a G
I gotta ball for you, I gotta ball for me
As hours turn to days and them days turn to weeks
Say bitch my ego bigger than the motherf*cking priest
It's dollar dollar bill till my soul rest in peace
And if you f*cking with me then just roll up your weed
And vibe to this shit, put your mind to ease
Bitch Purrp on the beats, I swear it sounds unique
And ho you gon' do something when you around my team
Say we don't bring these hoes around for no reason
Say girl I'm gon' be down, down through the seas
It's a harmony ass world, but my dick not leave

[Hook x2]
I got them diamonds on your ho, diamonds on your ho

Diamonds on your ho, diamonds on your ho
I got them diamonds on your ho, diamonds on your ho
Diamonds on your ho, diamonds on your ho
[Verse 2]
Say girl I gotta catch this f*cking flight
I know you want more but we been f*cking all night
I gotta get this money, girl I gotta get it right
Say live, love, laugh and a cup of dirty Sprite
Now hear this shit all night, it's looking pink and bright
Needless it looks so nice when you ? in light
Call me what you wanna but bitch I am worth the price
Five-million dollars, yeah bitch that shit sound 'bout right
Girl you ain't gotta leave, you can spend the night
And I can get inside you as I guide you to the light
And we can just get high and watch the stars shine bright
I don't do diamonds bitch, I call them limelight's
My flow lead you on, but girl I can rhyme tight
There's niggas in the way, but I'm in they blind-sight
They can't f*ck with me and I put that on my life
Say bitch I'm Kenshin Travis laying niggas for my life


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