Chris Travis – Eternal Pits Lyrics

Yeah yeah Just me(x12)
Aye Water Boyz Entertainment Aye
Fall asleep to this shit nigga
Aye, this that shit we dream bout

Blow it, never show it
Money on me, never throw it
Bitch you see me always loaded
Every hour somewhere blowin
Cross the states bitch i’m floatin
In your city catch me coastin
Leave a bad bitch soakin
Leave a bitch nigga hopeless
In the sky with the fishes
In the water with the bitches
Boy they call me young Kenshin
Leave your heart in your kitchen

Bitch don’t start why you trippin’ we gon’ be there in a minute
Making money and i’m living bitch I do this for a living
Bitch I do this for my city, for the kids f*cking with me
For the niggas bumpin 50, hair tied looking mini
Baptized up in Fiji, man your water you can’t see me
Y’all niggas wanna be me cause I make it look easy
But, bitch i’m so greedy, know this shit make you sleepy
Fall asleep to this shit than fall into eternal pits
Fall into eternal pits

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