Chris Travis – Every Second Lyrics

I can never slack, boy I’m ’bout my racks
Always on my grizzy, till the day I rest
Chop you like dissect, split like a bet
Do not mind my set, there minds out their head
They’re like the breathin’ dead, see I am never scared
I like to get my meds, then fall out in her bed
This money like a virus, cause this shit just gon’ spread
If you think that you better, I wanna see your best

I can’t stay at one level, that shit is just not me
All I know is growth, all I take is leads
You rappers centipedes, step right on your head
All I get is blessings, don’t think this shit is lucky
If anything I’ll stretch it, I’m movin’ and I’m restless
My dreams I’m f*ckin’ catching, be there at every second

I be there every second, can’t talk but take a message (x2)

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