Chris Travis – Glide Drexler Lyrics

Yeah, I feel like Glide Drexler
Do it on my street, yeah [?]
Diamonds in my necklace
I don’t need to flex, but
Pull up in a Tesla
I don’t need to say, but
Cops pull me over
They just need the pay card
Bitch can’t get over
You can’t f*ck me over
Pull her to your crib though
Knocking out the boulder
All my hitters closer
Yeah we movin’ closer
Hit it to the money
I don’t even know her

[Verse 1]
Boy, you is a poser
Yeah I mean a poser
Me up on a posters
Lookin’ like a loader
Yeah, I’ve been a smoker
Fidgin’ like some hoster
She don’t wanna show her
Cause you can’t control her

I don’t even know you
How the f*ck you know me
All up in a kool aid
Bitch, back up off of me
You giving me anxiety
f*ckin’ with the robberies
You gon’ end up high [?] (bitch)
You gon’ end up high [?] bitch
But I’m ridin’ with the five [?]
Got that bitch and she gettin’ freaky
VVS’s and you know they blinkin’


[Verse 2]
Can’t be with no dumb bitch
All I know is run shit
Fallin’ side Water World
All we know is flush shit
Boy, you is a druggie
Please don’t claim you’re hustlin’
Fifty hoes I’m bustin’
Like it’s nothin’

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