Chris Travis – Hotel Room Service Lyrics

Know what I'm sayin' I just came, know what I'm saying
From my city know what I'm saying, Memphis Tennesse
Just coming down you feel me know what I'm sayin'
(Meet me at my hotel)
Me and all my niggas baby we in this bitch
Know what I'm sayin' you can come back with us, you feel me
(Meet me at my hotel)
It's nothing shawty know what I'm saying, I'm in this motherf*cker know what I'm sayin' very steezed out
(Meet me at my hotel)
Know what I'm sayin' niggas gonn' hate on me, bitch ion give no f*ck nigga know what I'm sayin' you heard me first bitch
(Meet me at my hotel)
Know what I'm sayin' I'm out here know what I'm sayin' doing my motherf*cking thang nigga

(Meet me at my hotel)
Water Boys nigga ENT nigga

I try the unusual, yeah that's seducing ya
I know that we texting I just wanna see some news from ya
Doing pharmaceuticals, baby what's the usual?
I ain't even choosing up, drinking now loosen up
I wanna stay true to ya, I know that I'm new to ya
I ain't like the other niggas I know what to do with ya
Come over to my hotel baby I'm persuing ya
Here, have a drank, let me put something into ya
Meet me at my hotel
Meet me at my hotel
Meet me at my hotel

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