Chris Travis – I Need You Lyrics

Shorty tell me what's ur name and what city you claim

[Verse 1]
Shorty tell me what's your name and what city you claim
I'm from the southside it's just me, my slang
Seen you on Twitter, but I didn't know your name
See you in public now I recognize your face
Recognize my ways as you ride out my wave
Your nigga so lame girl I swear that's a shame
All I do is get money nigga you should do same
In this f*cked up world I just stay in my lane
We can roam the streets then you can crash at my place
We can just get drunk and watch the moon over the stage

I'ma soon get rich and get a nice real estate
Right now i'm just living taking life day by day

I need you, do you need me (x8)
I need you
Baby I need you, do you need me?
Baby I need you
Baby I need you, do you need me?

[Verse 2]
Water by the jug
Young Kenshin done showed up
Women show me love cause they know I done growed up
f*ck handshakes, niggas acting like they us
Girls looking, staring yea bitch i'm famous oh so what
That don't mean shit
You can still get the dick
Still the same nigga that you done believed in bitch

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