Chris Travis – Judgement Day Lyrics

Last try bruh, f*ck this shit
Keeping everything
Keeping everything nigga, off top nigga
I don't even f*ck with this beat nigga, but I'mma kill this shit
No chords nigga

Nigga, I'm a walking lick, so you can't even touch
If you try to rob me, I'm cutting out your damn guts
Hoes try to play me, I don't play games much
Talking shit today, will have your funeral next month
Niggas try to lie on me
Don't say I'm biting styles
I'll rip your favorite rapper up, like a shredded file
Niggas on my dick hard, smoke them like a Black & Mild
f*ck a cop, f*ck a court, f*ck a goddamn trial
I'ma stand for my pride, p*ssy nigga, sit down
Beat a nigga ass quick, then smoke a whole pound
Bitch I'm not the dog pound, I'm a mothaf*ckin' beast
Run up in your house, take your bitch, put her on a leash
Judgement day for these rap niggas and they damn fans
Kill your song with a hook, call me the candy man
I'm the mothaf*ckin' best, f*ck who don't understand
Disrespect and get your ass clapped, like a lap dance
Get your main bitch f*cked, and your lil' sis snatched
No kidnap, just f*ck and give the bitch back
I'm a mothaf*ckin' shark, ya'll p*ssy niggas cast

Throw your ass in the water, watch you swim bloody laps
"Chris Travis can't rap", that's what lame niggas say
If you don't like me, p*ssy nigga you is gay
Long dick in your mouth, bitch, f*ck what you say
Got drunk and sex, kicked her out the next day
Wake a bitch up quick, throw water on her face
f*ck a nigga and his problems, ain't nobody straight
If you listen to this, thn you a real nigga
If you get a offended, this about you nigga
Stay up out my lane bitch, ya'll up in the way
Better go hide in the attic somewhere safe
Try to diss Chris Travis, you a f*cking disgrace
Line up your whole career, on my f*cking dinner place
But I doubt that will happen, I ain't worried about shit
Don't let worries f*ck your life up for your kids
Niggas hating on my dick, cause I'm making progress
Bitch I'm more than a rapper, I'm a starving artist
Punching fans in the face, like I'm Ron Artest
Just to let ya'll know, I ain't taking no shit
Killing every nigga off, if he up in my way
While he smoking kush, send his ass off into space
Shit just got killed nigga
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