Chris Travis – Let Down Lyrics

Bands in my pocket but bitch don’t think that I give ’em out
If you try to take it then the squad gon’ come dry yo house
Bitch i’m the man f*ck everybody you talking ’bout
You don’t understand? You can go ahead and walk it out

Ounces ounces ounces yes we smoke up a large amount
p*ssy you don’t even know what’s up in my bank account
Everybody see me everytime I f*cking step out
p*ssy say wassup or you niggas better step down

Bitch it’s the king and i’m on your land now
Money getting longer I got power in my hands now
I just might put it all away for my grandchild
With the bands on I don’t f*ck with no grams now

p*ssy niggas talking they just mad that they let down

Bat to his face got him feeling all depressed now
Niggas think they hard but they softer than a reptile
Bitch i’m a lion i’ll eat your f*cking flesh out

I was born like this you can check my DNA
They said I was a monster then I stepped into the game
These niggas do not want it I promise that on my name
Since I been getting money I just watch my life change

Don’t throw money at hoes cause I’d rather eat and save
f*ck the strip club, rather smoke weed at my place
If you ain’t bout no money get the f*ck out of the way
If you ain’t bout no money get the f*ck out of my face

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