Chris Travis – Let Me Up Lyrics

Imma get money
Smoke good, get higher
She don’t wanna f*ck
Now I know she a liar
Days go by as a nigga get ?
Shawty say she ready
She gonna make a nigga ride up
Hundreds on the table
See my name on the flyers
But I ain’t showin less I’m paid by the thousands
Young Kenshin Travis fully runnin, no mileage
Bout to go the f*ck up and go plot out on an island

Yeah nigga ridin with my boys and we wildin
Waterboyz on stage
Bout to surf the crowd bitch
Niggas keep talkin round, but they can't down me
Three hoes lost me, but they can’t doubt me
Nigga catch me lowkey

They won't ever find me
Nah I ain’t scared
p*ssy nigga I ain’t hiding
Ridin in the coupe
Shawty say she want to drive it
Bitch sit back cause ya better off ridin
Blowin on this gas got me thinkin bout my past shit
Makin sure my next bitch meaner than my last bitch
Makin sure my next check bigger than my last check
Niggas want to buck fast
Get his ass stunted
I ain't gotta go around talkin all this tough shit
When it all pop just know Ima bust quick
Watch em all drop then go watch Netflix
Thats the consequence for anybody thats talkin shit

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