Chris Travis – Nobody Knows Lyrics

Shadow of the lost
Shadow of the lost
Shadow of the lost
Shadow of the lost

[Chorus x2]
We always keep the door closed
Cause where we goes nobody knows
See it in your eyes and in your soul baby
We can rule the world and live it slow baby

[Verse 1]
Bitch ass boy shut the f*ck up
I don't wanna hear shit, Nigga go smoke up
Yeah nigga so what, Riding with my soldiers
Til its all over And the weeds getting colder
Waterboyz global, Bitch we takin' over
Anybody want it we'll deal with them in the morning
Bitch I'm only here for a quick moaning
So I wanna f*ck you til the morning
I don't really got a space
I don't really got a place
Cause I'm coming from the M back and forth to LA
But I'm just on the way to the cheque's and the pay
And I gotta keep weapons wherever I stay
I don't trust nobody wherever I lay
Leave a nigga dead in a meadow way
f*ck this nigga mean smokin' in a high way

And I'm only gonna move if its only my way

[Verse 2]
Water through the hallway, Never on small play
Lighting all the blunts while I'm listening to the Sade
Bitch you wanna be me but you can't see me
Got the whole internet drinking on Fiji
Remember when I used to ride nothing but codeine
f*ck bad bitches never f*ck with a dofine
Leave them out the water in the water from a marine
f*ck a nigga daughter never see my damn pre teen
I'm a godfather turned into an undercover
The words that I mumble got me a couple hundred
So I'm a down south nigga but I'm living where its harder
Cause I smoke good weed and it really help me prosper
Talk loads I'ma send you to the doctor
Broke nose and a ripped up cartilage
I don' ever be the nigga that starting shit
Make sure damn well I end this shit

Shadow of the lost
Shadow of the lost

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