Chris Travis – Oh No Lyrics

Only competition that I see is myself
Came on the prowl like a muf*ckin elf
Change up the sound
Got you niggas thinking left
You don’t understand cause you just understood
Read f*ck niggas by the way that they move
Boy I’m moving up and you niggas can’t move
Yeah I know I rap with a slight attitude
But I’m getting money f*ckin rain, still sunny
Got these bitches at the top feelin like they finna vomit
On the thirty second floor
Tryna f*ck, bein honest
I don’t really got time for the chat and discussion
Niggas say my lyrics nothin
What the f*ck means somethin?
Something everybody out lie to ya
Lil nigga be something
Pause on a muf*ckin bitch, stop bluffin
Put a blunt in the air, f*ck niggas I’m coming
Run through the p*ssy like I’m George of the Jungle
Run through your city boy I feel like Obama

Niggas ain’t talking man they ain’t sayin’ nothing
I don’t stand for numbers just know I stand for somethin
People be talkin’ but they don’t want drama
Snare rolls on your crib
Pull up and start drummin
Flow super charged like a V8 runner
I’ma spark up the fire you see it when I’m coming
Eyes all lazy from the weed and the f*ckin
Yawlks on call when I need them boys nothin
Backwood smoke if it ain’t then it’s nothing
I don’t wanna smoke with you if you ain’t honest
Y’all take notes just watch the instructor
Bitch I make a play just call me a ?
She don’t get shit but a “good-bye” I f*cked her
She don’t say shit but a “hello, lets cuddle”

She just wanna get high
Wanna f*ck me til my head’s in the sky
Oh no I’m not that guy
Oh no I’m not that guy

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