Chris Travis – On Ice Lyrics

I’m walking round with bands in my pocket
That’s no lie
I lift up like a rocket
On the ground to the sky
See me and my niggas
We be flexin you know why
Don’t ever let the flexin thinkin you could try my guys

Bitch we fully loaded
And we ain’t afraid to die
And bitch that ain’t gone happen
Cause our head to the sky

See these bitches f*ckin
Cause we already know why

They see these niggas lookin
Waterboyz on the ice

Ima pull up to her house
I’m waitin on her to come out
Her diamonds glisten up and sprout
I smoke the bag up by the ounce
I lead the world
You lead the town
You think you hot
I cool you down
I got some money
Bought some rounds
Now bitch I’m bout to lay it down


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