Chris Travis – Pain Felt Lyrics

I see them laughing and joking but I don’t play around
White creases, white tees, the angel’s in your town
Lay my hand on my head as I feel her soul
I feel the pain though it’s burning black like some coal
She wanna be famous so I’ma make it go
I’m not to call for the reconstruction of these hoes
I make them fall if they never standing on they toes
You niggas lost I can’t tell if you a friend or foe

I be the boss I don’t lose sleep or my hope
And I will fall before I ever let you glow
I make it Fall, Spring, Winter, I’ma make it snow
Now watch the global warming when the heat wave approach

They come up to me like Chris you know you do the most
I ran the whole damn planet out this universe
And every earthquake is another verse
And every hurricane wash away your whole turf

Bitch I’m thugging with my niggas from my own clique
And they all bosses too they got they own shit
And if a nigga f*cking test me he gon get his
And these bitches wanna say just come over the hill

Boy you niggas ain’t for real, shit
Blood, sweat and tears I ain’t even touched a mill
Got a smooth ass flow probably give your bitch the chills
It’s so motherf*cking gifted but it’s deadly so it kills
And it’s no comparing it cuz it will splatter shit
I’m a motherf*cking dragon, backwood ashing bitch
f*ck you niggas talking bout, put them in a slaughter house
I will f*cking beat you shattered then drag your body out
I’m a motherf*cking monster what the f*ck I’m talking bout
Since some things take control and won’t ever make it out
I’m sorry mama…

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