Chris Travis – Ring Ring Lyrics


Yeah that bitch thick, now she fiening
She is not my wife bitch is dreaming
Ring, ring
Shawty keep calling, ring-ring
I let the phone ring, ding-ding
All my hoes in the back like a fling
Baby girl I’m in a dream scene

Left off in a spcaeship
I ain’t gotta say shit
“Is he Jamaican?”
All these wild bitches, I ain’t racist
Bad bitch in the front she like “Wassup”
I’ma beat that p*ssy like some nun-chucks
If you gon’ be evil shut the f*ck up
Bitch I’m positive but I still pull up

f*ck nigga, hood up
She thought we was chillin she got stood up
Little-bitty-bitch you wish you coulda
Tell your boyfriend he need to look up
These bitches don’t please me
Falling down to her knees
Pulled up this a freebie
I don’t even ya, yee-yee
Shorty know we get gee-ky
Turn around then I skeet-beat
Know the shorty wanna drain me
? when I’m drinking
Just to pull up leaning
No you won’t catch me drinking
Might show you how my fling-ting

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