Chris Travis – Say Nomo Lyrics

Bitch you cannot play me
See right through like you HD
Better keep that shit off safety cause that nigga really crazy
Tell that bitch to pay me if she ever tryna rape me
If you ever try to book me I’ma need eighty eighty’s
A million bitches favors
Hundred blunts and some razors
And its never for the shave
Shit you scared to the pavement
Niggas think they crazy till they found somewhere vacant
You a mothaf*ckin mystery found in the papers

Kenshin f*ckin Travis runnin shit like the government
Middle fingers to the governors
They on some other shit

Bitch I’m out her livin but it’s niggas out her strugglin
Why the f*ck they throwing shade?
Cause a nigga hustlin
Give yo boy the ball and I bet that bitch gon fumble it
Deep inside her walls
All up in her stomach bitch
Yes I’m off the wall like I got a Vans sponsorship
Bitch I am a dog
I don’t think that you want this shit
Bitch I never fall
In the sky like a Raven bitch
Try to f*ck me off
Better go and say a prayer quick
Boy I make no calls
I don’t never gotta state the shit
Tell him call it off
That’s a never
I ain’t saving bitch


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