Chris Travis – Shawty Wanna Lyrics

Water Boys

Shawty wanna hop up in my whip so we can roll out
I don’t think she f*cking so I’m like hold up woah now
But I know she is cause I got that control now
Look her in the eyes then I just snatch her soul out

Every time drop a new tape they like woah now
Kenshin you the hottest in the game I’m like oh yeah
You know where you from and where you came that’s for sure now

Is you gonna remember my name I’m like oh yeah
See me living life and switching lanes in a Cobra
Smoking Backwoods until I’m drained that’s for sure yeah
Hit the show and we gon’ make them say that was the goal yeah
Hit the bank I know the teller and ah she like oh yeah


[Fade Out]

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