Chris Travis – Wassup With You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Riding around town
They will never put me down
I promise you
Promise you [x4]
I'm cold with it [x2]
I'm high with it
In the sky with it
Who you know with it [x2]
If you owe me
I come with full heat
Oh he
No he
Don't bitch im colder than the damn sea
f*ck with me
Dont f*ck with me
If you do
You'll rest in peace

[Verse 2]
Im swaggin cool
She like bitch what it do
I hit her what it do
I'm like wassup wit you
My flow is absolute
Bitch I mean obsolete
I'm so gotdamn unique
I dont need to compete
These niggas f*cking weak
Get on your f*cking knees ho
Do what you please
Oh, im bout to squeeze
Let me f*cking do what i do
Yall niggas ain't about shit bitch
And i'm about to swerve in the poon
And i'm about to f*cking ride on the E-way

And I ain't got no f*cking time for no freeze frame
And all these fake niggas and lames tryna DJ
Bitch i do my own sounds
Ion need ya [x3]
Something like a leisure
Bitch im a leader
And i will teach ya
I'm yo teacher
I'm yo teacher
Bitch your professor
Your addressor
I be on that shit
I'm on top of the dresser
You already know, bitch the professor
No protection
Bitch im wet and
Bitch im wet and
Waterboys be the squad we the best bitch
On my flesh bitch
Crop my chest bitch


[Hook] [x2]
Shawty be a queen
Come and f*ck with a leader
Learn a couple things baby girl imma teach ya
Stay away from lames
And the snakes
And the leechers
If you get to close
Like forreal
They will eat ya

Promise you [x3]
Baby girl imma promise you
Promise you [x4]

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