Chris Travis – You Can Tell Lyrics

I ain’t been to sleep but I take money naps
Bitch we just met now you sitting on my lap
Boy I’m going in and I’m never looking back
Sendin’ stomach shots nigga like you sippin’ Jack
Boy I’m posted in a cage like a f*ckin’ bat
Cut him with a blade from his face to his neck
Nigga I’m insane like a vet with a tec
Nigga I’m insane like a vet with a tec
Beat it like four or five times
I’m smoking and shopping online
My jeweler’s be screwed up in diamonds and rulers
You niggas is foolish
But niggas can’t fool us
I’m thinkin bout mula
You thinkin bout putas
You niggas is stupid
Can tell how you moving
Just watch how I do this
I’m really gettin ruthless
Dont care bout no stress
So I dont f*ck with Lucy’s

She hit me up just to give me the coochie
I need to [?] cause my life movie
Nigga be bitin the flow in they music
Nigga you loosing
Stop what you doing
f*ck with a woman dont f*ck with no hoochie
Life is so hard but this money so soothing
Bitches, can’t trust them, this money will move it
Niggas, they bustas, they want what you movin

[Hook x2]
Nigga what ya doin
Two blunts in the air, hot balloonin’
Pink Bapes on, got my shoes lookin fruity
Got my shoes looking fruity, like fruit bitch
Watch a nigga do this

Dont f*ck with cocaine you can tell
I f*ck her, I show her, I tell
My clothes just get sent in the mail
With verses and beats I just kill

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