Chronic Law Drops 2 New Videos “Talk Di Truth” & “No Ending”

Chronic Law dropped off two new music videos for his singles, “Talk Di Truth” and “No Ending.”

Chronic Law’s music has long echoed a call for greater solidarity among the people, especially when it comes on to waging a full-fledged attack against those looking to oppress and control the masses. High off a nationwide lockdown as a result of the coronavirus, violent race wars have begun in America and have now transcended to other parts of the world. Chronic Law’s message in “Talk Di Truth” comes as an inspiration for his listeners currently in support of the worldwide uprising.

The “No Love” singjay gives fans a complete package with this release by incorporating evocative visual references of prior race riots experienced in America, presumably those of the 1950s-60s, along with current battles being waged against police in the 50 states contained on the mainland. The visuals also showcase some of the powerful people in the black community, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Jamaica’s very own Bob Marley. Law also injected himself in the visual representation, confirming that he too is part of this modern revolution.

The Sonovic Music production captures the quintessential spectrum of the revolutionary by taking inspiration from the Southern American art form, the blues. The team layers the moving guitar melodies over some exciting kick drums, to further give the feeling of a more modernized revolution.

“People a feel bare pressure / me see dem a build rubber fi replace hairdresser,” he sings as he tackles one of the core reasons behind rising unemployment rates. “Fire we put pon the oppressor / wa lock we down fi change the world and do whatever,” he continues.

Watch Chronic Law’s music videos “Talk Di Truth” and “No Ending” below.

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